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ZMDC focuses on alluvial gold mining

ZMDC focuses on alluvial gold mining


THE Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) in conjunction with Head Heart Enterprises intend to conduct mining of alluvial gold in the upper Umzingwane River in Matabeleland South province.

According to an environmental and social impact assessment public consultation advert, the mining project will be established as per requirements of special grant number 7 889 on an area approximately 895,4 hectares.

The project site is on the confluence of Umzingwane and Nyankuni rivers, approximately 110km from Bulawayo, off the Zvishavane and Filabusi Road.

“ZMDC/Head Heart Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd are committed to the protection of the environment, human health and well-being, mitigation of climate change and the conservation of nature to fulfil its sustainability and sustainable development obligations,” part of the advert read.

“In accordance with this commitment, the organisations have a proactive practice on conducting environmental and social impact assessment which takes into account compliance obligation, the needs and expectations of interested and affected stakeholders, enhancement of socio-economic aspects of the new project’s surrounding local community; and conservation of the biophysical environment.”

The two companies have engaged Bumira Environmental Consultants to gather views from various stakeholders affected by the project as well as from those interested in the project’s activities.

“The purpose of this stakeholder consultation is to ascertain on the immediate, short to long-term direct and indirect impacts of the project on the surrounding communities and other stakeholders. The mitigation measures that may be implemented on the impacts will also be formulated through this process,” it said.

“Bumira Environmental Consultants are, therefore, calling for all affected and interested stakeholders to submit their views, concerns and comments on the intended project in writing by the 5th of July 2020.”

ZMDC, owned by the State, is into gold, platinum, graphite as well as emerald mining.

It has entered into a number of joint ventures with Todal Mining, Shin Zim Platinum, Global Platinum Resources, Afri-Sino Mining Resources and Zimbabwe German Graphite Mine.

No information is available on Head Heart Enterprises.

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