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‘Uzalo Teasers For July…Soapie Fans Will Be In For Huge Surprises ‘

‘Uzalo Teasers For July…Soapie Fans Will Be In For Huge Surprises ‘

Wishful Teasers For Uzalo, Fans would be overjoyed If This Happened Next Month

There isn’t a year that goes by without at least one big loss of an actor getting fired or resigning from Mzansi’s number one soapie Uzalo. Although these talented actors have moved on, we haven’t.

Below are eight actors who still linger in our hearts, who were either fired or chose not to return to Uzalo. Perhaps they’ll find a reason to step back and return to our favourite soapie when they see our wishful teasers.

Wishful Teasers For Uzalo
Wishful Teasers For Uzalo









Wishful Teasers For Uzalo

1 July 2020

Mangcobo throws Nkuzi out of the house after she received a phone call from Gxabashe, who just announced that he’s released on early parole, and he’s coming back home. Sibonelo gets shot by Mastermind after his crew arrive at the heist location.

2 July 2020

Nkunzi gets rushed to the hospital when his heart stops beating when he sees what looks likes ‘Khataza’s ghost’ waiting for him at the car wash. Fikile finds out she miscarried Sbu’s baby and cries over Thobile’s shoulder at the chisanyama. 

3 July 2020

Mangxcobo rushes to the hospital when she finds out that Nkunzi is in a coma.  It looks like it’s the end of the road for Sbonelo, who doesn’t recover from his shot. Kuvukiland’s favourite couple breaks up.

6 July 2020

Qhabanga and Gabisile issues a statement on their retirement to the church and announces that Ayanda and Smangele will take over the church and the choir. The chickens come home to roost for MaNgcobo, who thinks she’s seeing ‘Khataza’s ghost’ at the hospital.  

7 July 2020

Fikile and Thobile make a shocking discovery at the salon. Mxolisi reveals himself and announces his come back at the car wash.

Fikile wrestles with perplexing emotions about her miscarriage.

8 July 2020

Khathza and Gxabashe face off at the house, much to MaNgcobo’s horror. GC announces that he’s bought the salon and gives Thobile and Fikile and ultimatum. Mxolisi’s proposal to Smangele in front of the congregation sets off Ayanda.

To be continued…


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