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The Queens Goodness Mabuza Dumped

The Queens Goodness Mabuza Dumped
The Queens Goodness Mabuza Dumped

The Queens Goodness Mabuza Dumped

The Queens Goodness Mabuza, real name Zenande Mfenyana who will re-join Mzansi’s Magic’s number one novella next month is shattered after being dumped.

Mfenyana who just became a mother is apparently heartbroken after her closest girlfriend whom she hasn’t mentioned or tagged on her social media broke up with her.

She tweeted: “Unrequited love happens even in friendships kanti? It’s my first time experiencing heartbreak over a friend, guess I must take my L in peace and let her be…”

The actress, who recently gave birth to a baby girl and has yet to share pictures of her daughter has been understandably off the public eye. However, her recent heartbreak has forced the new mother to take to social media and vent.

The Queens Goodness Mabuza Dumped

Mfenyana who didn’t go into details about who the friend is or how long they were friends for told her followers that her heart was sore after a friend dumped her. 

Her followers comforted her in numbers by replying:  “Did you talk to her about it? I noticed friends don’t communicate. They just assume stuff and cut off.”

“I experienced it early this year. It was painful I won’t lie, but we eventually spoke and she apologized for not communicating, not reaching out or showing that she cares. I did all that but it was one sided. I accepted her apology but we NO LONGER FRIENDS.”

“I lost a friend, we didn’t fight, I felt like I was the one communicating with him so I decided to stop communicating with him and that was the end of our friendship…he’s focusing too much on politics and I hate politics”

“Mine just ghosted me back when we were in high school then few years later we were good now in 2017 she did it again I reached out she blue ticked me when I asked what I did wrong. Eventually I couldn’t see her on WhatsApp, she either blocked me or deleted my number.”

Watch Zenande on The Queen from the 21st of December. 


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