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Thando Thabethe 5FM Exit:This is the real reason behind Thando ‘Thabooty’ Thabethe’s leaving

Thando Thabethe 5FM Exit:This is the real reason behind Thando ‘Thabooty’ Thabethe’s leaving

Thando Thabethe 5FM Exit 

South African television and radio personality Thando Thabethe has revealed the reasons behind her sudden departure from SABC owned radio station, 5FM. Although she announced last month that she was leaving the station, she did not dish out the reasons for her departure.

The 29-year-old who is also known by the moniker ‘ Thabooty’ because of her voluptuous figure, recently took to social media and opened up about the circumstances that led to her abrupt departure from the station. Speaking on her official account on Twitter,  she highlighted that she was forced to hand in a resignation letter because of a protracted dispute with the station.

In the post, Thando also detailed the back and forth meetings she had had with management which were meant to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, both parties could not reach an agreement, this publication has established through TimesLive.

Thando Thabethe 5FM Exit
Thando Thabethe 5FM Exit

‘On Friday 28 Feb I had a meeting with the programmes manager who let me know that the show was renewed, as per our annual negotiations. I then tried to negotiate a raise of R200 an hour. At this point he had agreed for me to take two weeks leave to shoot housekeepers,’ she explained.

She said the following Monday she heard that her popular afternoon drive-time show would no longer be aired, as it allegedly did not fit into the SABC’s two to five-year plan.

The radio personality alleged that she was instead offered a slot on Sunday mornings, which she turned down

‘I have ploughed many hours into the work that I do, and found this an insult after 11 years on radio. I then proceeded to resign. The current line up at 5FM is not a representation of the diverse country that we live in. It’s also very easy to dub me as ‘demanding’ to the powers that be in the hope that the truth doesn’t come out,’ she added.

Thando claimed she was later offered her original slot back, an offer which she refused at first but later considered after consulting her close associates. Suprisingly, the station u-turned on the offer. Contacted for comment, acting SABC spokesperson Mmoni Seapolelo told the publication that Thando had resigned of her own accord.

‘The SABC is aware of Ms Thando Thabethe’s public comments on social media and we would like to put it on record that Ms Thabethe resigned from 5FM on her own accord, and the station accepted her resignation.’

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