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Soapville’s worst mothers who did the unimaginable

Soapville’s worst mothers who did the unimaginable

Soapville’s worst mothers who did the unimaginable

Mothers are not created equal, while some might have time to cook dinner every night, or make time to watch your favourite TV show, or engaging in twisted mind games while drinking their lives away others might simply not be there for you at all. Think about that the next time you forget to call your spectacular mom on Mother’s Day.

Soapville’s Top 3 worst mother’s

1.Boniswa Langa from Scandal

2.Mantuli Seakamela from Skeem Saam

3.Zodwa from Gomora

Soapville's worst mothers
Soapville’s worst mothers

Boniswa Langa

When you hide your son’s real father for more than 25years of his life, then pretend he’s a monster who sexually abuses little girls just so that you can hide the truth, you’re surely on your way to taking the worst-mom-of-the-year award. When her onscreen son; Chumani then found her ‘screaming’ because his father was abusing her, he hit him on the head with glass knocking him unconscious. He then called an ambulance. While he was on the phone calling an ambulance, Boniswa strangled him and killed him, making her son believe he killed his own father. Chumani is currently still in rehabilitation because of this, why hasn’t she told him the truth? Yikes!

Mantuli Seakamela

Sure, moms can be overbearing sometimes, but Mantuli is way, way too overbearing on her children; from who they should date, how they should spend their money and what they should study. When her son Kwaito dumped his ex-girlfriend Glenda, she simply refused to accept the breakup and never welcomed Elizabeth(the new girlfriend) in their home. She even insisted that Kwaito(her son) should extend her house to a double story even though he’s financially not coping.

Zodwa from Gomora 

Gomora’s Zodwa got the attention of so many fans who shared their horrific experiences of growing up with alcoholic mothers and the effects that it left them with. Zodwa’s drinking got so bad that her son(Teddy) had to be taken away, to which led her to check herself into rehab.


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