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Smanga and Fikile Romance Brewing:Here are The Obvious Hints You Missed

Smanga and Fikile Romance Brewing:Here are The Obvious Hints You Missed

Smanga and Fikile Romance Brewing: Here are The Hints You Missed

The Generations writers have written some of the most romantic love stories for most of their characters(Mazwi and Siphesihle, Zitha and Jack, Tau and Ayanda, Mrekza and Lucy) except for one; Smanga Moroka. Smanga has had the worst luck in relationships despite his dedication and commitment.

We first saw him falling in love with his brother’s wife, whom he had to impregnate because his brother couldn’t conceive, then he had a fling with Tshidi who ultimately rejected him, then his human-rights-lawyer-girlfriend apparently got booted off the show because she didn’t cut it. Then there was a time he was falsely accused of rape and sexual harassment because he was dating a high schooler, and the icing on the cake; his model girlfriend/fiance getting brutally murdered. It’s brutal, how he puts everything in a relationship but none of them workout. Anyone else would’ve been to a Sangoma to find out who cursed him.

He’s an eligible bachelor with a heart of gold, who’s educated, good-looking and very successful in business

A perfect mate for Smanga; Fikile, who’s also been very unlucky in love. She was married to a ruthless billionaire who left her with only R20 million after their divorce and got full custody of the kids. Fikile is currently in a relationship with Kumkani, who’s obviously still in love with his ex-wife. 

Both Fikile and Smanga are good people with good hearts who are often overlooked, and taken for granted. They have so much to offer, as they’re relatable, and wouldn’t take each other for granted because they know what it’s like to be second best. 

They both have a worldview that everyone has flaws, so they would be willing to overlook the flaws in each other. 

Since apparently Kumkani is leaving the show, we hope Smanga will be there to catch Fikile when she falls.


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