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Rhythm City:Kea’s gateway to the good life Comes At a Price

Rhythm City:Kea’s gateway to the good life Comes At a Price
Kea Rhythm City

Kea’s gateway to the good life Comes At a Price: Will She Do what it takes?

We all love to see characters portray fantasy, rich lifestyles in front of our eyes. We also celebrate when penniless characters get upgraded because, at some point, we’ve dreamed about what it might be like, to be super-rich. 

The Khuse family have always lived pay-cheque-to-pay-cheque, sometimes hand-to-mouth yet have so many ‘adopted’ children living in their yard. 

In previous months, we saw how Mapule(one of the kids living in the Khuse yard) went as far as selling her body to a sugar daddy to support the family. She’s gone back to her ‘normal-college-life’ but there’s another character who’s been interacting with wealthy characters; Kea. 

Kea's gateway to the good life
Kea’s gateway to the good life is coming at a price

Kea has been friends with Khulekani’s daughter; Zinhle, who comes from a wealthy and dangerous family. When Kea didn’t reciprocate her feelings for Zinhle, she tried to commit suicide. Like her father, Zinhle is gay. 

Khulekani and his wife have already lost a child at the beginning of the year. They will do anything to keep Zinhle happy and alive, they’ll even go as far as bribing someone to stay in their daughter’s life. 

Khulekani believes everyone has a price and that’s how he’s gotten out of sticky situations, by solving everything with money. That’s what his daughter has learned from him: that she can get anything she wants because she’s rich, she can’t handle rejection and the real world. 

Kea will have choices to make, as Mapula did, she will choose the money and put up with Zinhle for the Khuse’s well-being. 


Zinhle will not find out about her father’s bribery to her girlfriend, because everyone is concerned about her wellbeing and her fragility. 


This will be Kea’s way out of poverty for the rest of her life. She will be conflicted because she wants to be carefree and live an honest life. She acknowledges the power of money, connections and how this decision could impact her life forever. 


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