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Mohadi tapes: Vice president arranged sex in the office with married woman

Mohadi tapes: Vice president arranged sex in the office with married woman

BULAWAYO – Zimbabwe’s 71-year-old Vice President Kembo Mohadi organised sex romps with a married woman in his official office, we can report today.

ZimLive has been anonymously sent recordings of phone calls between Mohadi and his lover only known to us as Chevaughn, on which he invites her to come and “give it to me” at his Munhumutapa Building office – the seat of government.

Like a scene from The Godfather, Mohadi coldly prompts Chevaughn to “go ahead”. Feigning a laugh, Chevaughn tells the vice president what he wants to hear: “I love you.”

Wasting no time, Mohadi asks Chevaughn: “So, when do you give it to me?”

Chevaughn, whose husband we are not naming, tells Mohadi she had “actually come with an intention of giving it, but you were nowhere to be found” hours earlier.

“So you want to give it to me in the office?” Mohadi asks.

“Yes,” comes the reply from Chevaughn.

“Okay,” Mohadi says. “There is no any other place, we’ll have to do it in the office.”

Office sex … Vice President Kembo Mohadi arranged office sex with married lover Chevaughn
Phone secrets … Married Abbigal Mumpande romped with vice president Kembo Mohadi who took a sex booster for the sessions

The latest revelations come after Mohadi was on Sunday confronted by a Central Intelligence Organisation operative angry after finding evidence that Mohadi was cavorting with his wife, a secret agent working in the vice president’s office.

Jacob Mumpande has asked that his wife Abbigal Mumpande, nee Muleya, be moved from the predatory Mohadi’s office as he tries to save his marriage.

On another recording, Mohadi calls Chevaughn and enquires about her recent sickness which saw her bleed excessively from an irregular period.

“Are you alright now?” Mohadi enquires. “Can you give me a f*** now?”

Chevaughn tells Mohadi that she has been advised by a gynecologist to stop taking a certain type of contraceptive pills which were causing her bleeding.

In a clear suggestion the pair were having unprotected sex, Mohadi says: “So you are not taking any contraceptives?”

“Right now I’m not,” replies Chevaughn.

Alarmed, Mohadi asks her: “What about if you get pregnant?”

“Well, I don’t know,” Chevaughn says.

In one of the recordings, Chevaughn talks about her desire to show Mohadi “cashflows,” a suggestion she is probably doing business.

She also asks Mohadi for money, saying she has a “round that I was supposed to pay today” – thought to be a reference to a money club.

Mohadi appears in no mood to release the purse strings, telling his lover: “Well, we meet next week… I can’t do anything now.”

Mohadi divorced Tambudzani Muleya, his wife of more than 30 years, in 2017.

In 2018, he appeared at a state function in the company of Juliette Mutavhatsindi after she moved in with him. Mutavhatsindi however called time on their relationship in 2019 and left the country, allegedly over Mohadi’s infidelity.

Mohadi’s sex scandals have prompted calls for him to resign.

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