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Malusi Gigaba Reacts To His Ex-Wife’s ENCA Interview

Malusi Gigaba Reacts To His Ex-Wife’s ENCA Interview

Malusi Gigaba Reacts To His Ex-Wife’s ENCA Interview

SA politician and former Home Affairs Minister; Malusi Gigaba has finally reacted to his ex-wife’s interview.

2015/06/06. Minister Melusi Gigaba and his wife Norma Gigaga during a wedding ceremony of Criselda Kananda and Siyolo Dudumashe held at Rhema Bible Church in Randburg on the 6th of June 2015. Picture: TShepo Kekana / Sunday World.

Norma Mngoma had the whole country and social media buzzing when she had an interview with ENCA last night about her ex-husband; Malusi Gigaba. 

Norma spilled the beans on Gigaba’s dealings with the Gupta family, his porn, and their legal battle.

First of all, she opened up about Malusi’s leaked video where he was seen performing a solo game with his machine down there. Norma said the video was not meant for her as Malusi had stated before.

“That was not my video. Like, I don’t want to lie. I have never imagined something like that in my mouth so it was not for me. So I do not know who it was for. I don’t even know if he knows who he sent it to because there are a lot of those. They are his videos, they are not mine. He has a problem of porn addiction because he is always watching porn, and sometimes for him, it’s a fantasy.”

Mngoma further stated: “Malusi likes to be special; he even got angry when his blue lights were withdrawn after resigning as a minister”.

Regarding Malusi’s alleged dodgy dealings with the Gupta’s, Mngoma said:

“They used to give him a lot of money but I don’t know what they were giving him money for, but sometimes he used to say, ‘I do favours for them’, the Guptas, so then they would give him money. It was a lot of cash all the time so I don’t know what it was for, but he would use that money for different things, maybe it’s either for his lifestyle, to build his home or to give it to his sisters.”

Reacting to the interview, Malusi said he will not be commenting about it.

The politician wrote: “To Whom It May Concern. Please note that I shall not be commenting on any aspect of the Moja Love TV audition which will be airing on eNCA at 18h00, tonight. My energy is exclusively reserved for my fight with the askaris who are the de facto puppet masters. #LongLiveTheAnc!”


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