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Kelly Khumalo’s Video Singing Gospel Song ‘Naked’ BREAKS The Internet

Kelly Khumalo’s Video Singing Gospel Song ‘Naked’ BREAKS The Internet

Kelly Khumalo sings gospel song ‘Naked’

Talented but highly controversial South African musician and television personality Kelly Khumalo torched a social media storm earlier this week after a video emerged showing her half-dressed and performing a gospel song.

In the undated video footage, the Jehovah hit-maker appeared to be showing off too much skin in a sexy costume. To make matters worse, her sexy bum shorts left nothing to the imagination.  All of this while performing a gospel song.

Kelly Khumalo singing Gospel 'Naked'
Kelly Khumalo sings gospel song ‘Naked’

After the video surfaced on social media, the Afro pop-soul singer who also doubles as a gospel musician suffered massive backlash for disrespecting God by performing a church song without being properly dressed. Many religious social media users were up in arms, claiming that Kelly’s skimpy outfit was the same as being in her birthday suit.

Kelly Khumalo sings gospel song ‘Naked’, watch video 

However, this is not the first time that the controversial singer has hogged headlines for allegedly having ‘double standards’.

She was lambasted earlier this year after posting herself in the bathtub, with her underwear lying on the floor, leaving many questioning how she could sing gospel music when she was splashing racy photographs of herself on social media. This was after the musician had hinted at the possibility of sacrificing ‘secular music’ for gospel music.

Kelly hit back in an Instagram video, asking her critics how the snap defined her relationship with God.

‘I am still battling to understand how a picture in a bathtub, and a pair of knickers on the floor, define my relationship with God. For the longest time, I have watched the so-called Christians getting away with judging people to the extent where we have people that fear going to the house of the Lord or fear being vocal about their relationship with God because people will judge them.’

It seems Kelly has a knack for trending for almost anything, even when she has done nothing wrong. More recently she was trending on social media after she posted a video of herself crying and pleading with fans to get on their knees and speak to God during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the video, Kelly said she had been ‘summoned’ to make the request to everyone around the world.

‘It was not even me. If you know me very well, you would know that I am a very spiritual person and I have a gift, in terms of spirituality. I see things and I feel things and with so much that we are going through as a nation, I felt all sorts of things.

‘One voice that was loud to me was to ask people, plead with people, to pray and tell God exactly what we want from this situation, because he is the only person who can put an end to this.’

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