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‘Handiperi Zvekumhanya’ – Mbudziyadhura Actor Still In The Game

‘Handiperi Zvekumhanya’ – Mbudziyadhura Actor Still In The Game

Mbudziyadhura Actor Still In The Game…Opens Up On Upcoming Projects

Mbudziyadhura Actor Still In The Game

Actor Blessing Chimhowa who featured as Mbudziyadhura in the comic drama, “Gringo Ndiani?”has been away from the public eye lately and people have been wondering if the actor still has it in him.

Mbudziyadhura Actor
Gringo played by Lazarus Boora And Blessing Chimhowa who plays Mbudziyadhura

Chimhowa last made an appearance last year in  social media sitcom called “Special Class”,.

Chimhowa told the Herald Arts that people should expect to see him more in the next couple of months.

 “I am still around, I will not really say that I was away,” he said.

“I am enjoying my craft as always. I am at home with my beautiful wife Agnes and our children. Last year I worked on two main projects ‘Special Class’

He said he had been doing special appearances at private functions as well. He said he had been working with Simuka Comedy team and the project has gained him mileage with the younger fan base. 

The project made me grow as a performing artist and definitely you will be seeing more of me in the next season to come.”

Chimhowa also does gigs at weddings and parties as an MC.

He said he misses the old days of local drama in comparison to the recent crop of productions which are mostly social media based.

“What I miss on local dramas is the feeling we used to have during the days of ‘Mukadota Family,’ ‘Hlengiwe’, ‘Nzungu Muriva’, ‘Paraffin’, ‘Amakorokoza’ and ‘Waiters’ among others,” he said.

He said households had an unrivaled devotion to drama time and did not want to miss a single episode. He says these days a lot of stuff is flooding the market making it hard to break through.

“Yesteryear dramas used to play a pivotal role in shaping the society, giving solutions while acting as a mirror to the society.

He said dramas nowadays are alienating as the themes mostly revolve around other cultures.

He said people needed to correct themselves first before trying to imitate western culture.

He also called for respect in the entertainment scene and said it’s not about competition but establishing one’s brand.

“I am recognised as Mbudziyadhura because of the character that I portrayed in Gringo.

He said people should appreciate and respect each other.


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