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The first 100 days of selling hope (and not much else)

HARARE, March 7 (The Source) – Zimbabwe’s (newish) President Emmerson Mnangagwa is a pragmatist, or he should be. Which makes the 100-day plan of action so out of line because it is a mammoth task to bring back any semblance of normalcy to the country’s economy. It may be that ED, as his followers love to  call him, loves the command model so much he was blind to the reality that it will be impossible to make significant strides in addressing the shortcomings hobbling Zimbabwe’s economy until after the election, if they are free and fair as the international community has made clear. As a political gimmick, he opened himself up to ridicule by opponents and civil society alike. So, was he selling hope? Perhaps. Mnangagwa inherited a receding economy with foreign investors fleeing in numbers...